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How Will You Serve Your Kaiser Buns?

Whether you are hosting a neighborhood barbeque or making a delicious meal for your family, you cannot go wrong with some good kaiser buns. Kaiser buns (or rolls, as they are sometimes called) are a type of baked bread from Austria which has been served for centuries. Kaiser rolls are usually served with as a hard roll and may be topped with a variety of seeds. If you have never tried them before, you can make your own kaiser buns with a recipe like this, though many grocers carry them as well. Ultimately, whether you make or buy your kaiser buns is not what people will remember about the meal; they will remember how you used them. In an effort to help you choose the perfect recipe for the occasion, here are a few ideas to get you thinking about how to best serve your buns. 


Luaus are famous for their island flavors which include fish, fresh fruits, and pulled pork. Pulled pork may be the biggest staple served at a luau since the pig is usually cooked underground in true polynesian fashion. Though you may not have a pit big enough to cook your pork in the neighborhood, your guests may well be transported to an island with these pineapple pulled pork sandwiches on a kaiser bun. Serving fish can sometimes be a little tricky, but you are sure to wow your guests with a delicious salmon meal.


If you are serving a sandwich to vegetarian guests, you will most likely be doing so with an egg or potato recipe. If you prefer to use eggs as the protein for the meal, a recipe like this one will do wonders to bring in fresh flavors. If potato is more your style, your guests are not likely to have had this beauty, layered with beets and feta. Either way, you can't go wrong. 


Barbecue meals containing kaiser buns will really depend on what type of meat you plan on serving. A steak sandwich like this may soon become your guest's new favorite, while some who prefer chicken may sooner pick a grilled chicken sandwich. Whichever you decide to prepare, you cannot go wrong at a BBQ with preparing some coleslaw and beans on the side. 

Ultimately, kaiser buns are an incredible staple to any meal you choose and are extremely versatile. Try to whip up your own or grab a baker's dozen from a local bakery or grocery store today.